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You Call It The World, We Call It Home


Our Hubs

New York Kennedy - Atlantic Division

Miami - Atlantic and Latin America Division

Los Angeles - Pacific Division

Tokyo Narita - Asia

London LHR/ Frankfurt - European Division

We also operate Hubs in Berlin Tegel, Detroit and Syracuse

Fleet Info

Pan Am Virtual operates a variaty of aircrafts (Jets and Propliners, Modern and Historic). Pan Am CLIPPER are part of our fleet, that includes Boeing 707, Boeing 727, Boeing 737, Boeing 747, Lockheed 1011 and Douglas DC-10. Pan Am Express operates ATR42/72 and DHC-7. Our Pan Am Partners operates B737, A320, VISCOUNT, IL-62 and much more!

Pan Am Virtual attracts and is filled with flight simulating enthusiast/pilots on the FS9, FSX/SE, P3D and X-plane platform.


Our PIREP & ACARS system is fully automated it precisely collects and keeps record of your pilot logbook, ranking, miles flown, ticket price, routes, PAX, performance grades and much more. Our Charter Flights are dispatched through Simbrief. Our ACARS automatically import the OFP with just one click.


Pan Am had Code-Share agreements and Interline agreements with several Airlines. Including PANAGRA, Panair do Brasil, Cubana, COPA, Ransome and National Airlines.

Pan Am Virtual Partners on selected Routes with Empire, Republic, Reno Air, ALOHA, Air Florida and Carnival.

Professionalism and realism are some of the things that characterize us. We invite you to our Discord channel to keep you updated.

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Dispatched Flights

Pilot Flight No. Type Dep ICAO Arr ICAO PAX Cargo Aircraft Status
There are no active bookings.

Latest 10 Flights

Pilot Flight Number Dep ICAO Arr ICAO Aircraft ACARS Landing Rate
  Pierre (PAA1035) PAA384 KMIA KMCO A300B4-605R Factory Paint -23fpm
  Emerson (PAA1041) CAA500 MBPV KMIA PMDG 747-8 United Airline... -537fpm
  Pierre (PAA1035) NAL30 KTPA KMIA Braniff 727-200 N351PA -24fpm
  Pierre (PAA1035) FLA23 KFLL KTPA Boeing 737-200 Braniff -77fpm
  Pierre (PAA1035) NAL441 KMCO KFLL Braniff 727-200 N351PA -20fpm
  Pierre (PAA1035) PAA384 KMIA KMCO SGA A300B4-600 Monarch Ai... -4fpm
  Emerson (PAA1041) PAA418 MBGT MBPV Boeing 727-200 Icelandair... -399fpm
  RUBEN (PAA1034) AVE515 SVMI SVMG _FJS_727_Series_Pro_200Ad... -243fpm
  Roland (PAA001) CDA804 SVMI MDSD Boeing 727-200Adv Dominic... -225fpm
  Roland (PAA001) AVE601 SBGL SVMI Commercial Level Simulati... -475fpm

Top 5 Landings This Week

Pilot Flight Number Airport Date Landing Rate Performance Score
Nobody has performed an awesome landing yet!

Latest Members

Pilot Country Hub Hired Date
  Pierre (PAA1035) Canada Canada Miami (KMIA) 03 May 2024
  RUBEN (PAA1034) Venezuela Venezuela Miami (KMIA) 27 Apr 2024
  Luigi (PAA1033) Haiti Haiti Miami (KMIA) 24 Feb 2024
  ismail (PAA1032) Algeria Algeria Frankfurt (EDDF) 20 Jan 2024
  Jordan (PAA1031) Poland Poland Detroit (KDTW) 11 Jan 2024
  Felix (PAA1030) Germany Germany Frankfurt (EDDF) 03 Jan 2024
  Alfredo (PAA1029) Argentina Argentina Miami (KMIA) 02 Jan 2024

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