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Pan Am Virtual Concorde Routes

Flight Miami-Rio de Janairo-Miami joint operation with Panair do Brasil

Flight Rio de Janairo - Dakar - Paris CDG / Lisbon - Dakar - Rio de Janairo operated by Panair do Brasil

Planned Routes:


Here some important notes operating the Concorde:

The Concorde is a BEAST. You need sometimes 8 hands to fly it.

Remember: NO Slats, NO Flaps, NO Speedbrakes!!!!

You might use the reverser to slow down speed!

Start decend from FL550-600 some 200nm before landing ( around 260nm from FL is good)

Slow down to M1.5, then beginn decent (-2000-3000fpm) with slowing to M.95 at FL300. Then maintain 300-350 IAS to FL100, below FL100 fly 240 IAS, approach at 190 IAS and land safely.

Monitor fuel balance and landing weight all time!

It will take a few flights to get use of the Concorde and control that beast.

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