Pan Am Virtual is a virtual airline created for flight simulation enthusiasts, emulating the former Pan American World Airways, Pan Am Express (Republic, Empire, Ransome), Pan Am Shuttle and National Airlines. combines the historic schedules and aircrafts of Pan Am and its predecessors along with what PAA would have expanded to if they were still around.


Our Benefits:

- No Aircraft Ratings

- Custom Built ACARS flight reporting system (from our Partner Virtual Trans World)

- Transfer of logged hours (up to 500)

- Career is connected with flight hours

- over 1000 schedules to choose from

- large variety of aircraft types

- Pan Am WorldPass , get miles for awards, smooth landings, special destinations and of course for every flight minute.

- Change WorldPass Miles into virtual goods, sceneries, aircraft textures, etc

- Create your own route from any airport to your favorite destination using the aircraft of your choice (limit is only the range of the aircraft)

- Plan your trips with up-to 3 stops with just 1 click (Advanced Schedule)

- Fly in a friendly atmoshere.

- Hubs and Focus Cities in USA, Japan and Europe

- Network of 7 Airlines  including National Airlines, Pan Am Express, Pan Am Shuttle, Empire Air, Republic Airlines and Avensa 


Thank you for selecting PanAmerican.