IGS Tour

IGS Tour


Pan American, together with British Airways, Air France and later Laker, Dan Air, EuroBerlin France and TWA were the only airlines allowed to fly into West-Berlin. With this 2 days tour, we would like to familiarize with the IGS - Internal German Service.  This Tour will start and stop at Berlin-Tempelhof. Aircrafts: B727-100/200 and B737-200/400


Flights were operated typically by B727 or B737


max altitute over East-Germany: 9800ft

Start Date:20.12.2017
Required Rank:Cadet
Allowed Aircraft Types:B721, B722, B732, B734

Tour Legs

Leg Departure Arrival Duration Details
1 EDDI Berlin-Tempelhof EDDV Hannover Airport 00:35:00 N/A
2 EDDV Hannover Airport EDDI Berlin-Tempelhof 00:35:00 N/A
3 EDDI Berlin-Tempelhof EDDF Frankfurt Rhein-Main 00:55:00 N/A
4 EDDF Frankfurt Rhein-Main EDDI Berlin-Tempelhof 00:55:00 N/A
5 EDDI Berlin-Tempelhof EDDS Stuttgart Airport 01:00:00 N/A
6 EDDS Stuttgart Airport EDDI Berlin-Tempelhof 01:05:00 N/A
7 EDDI Berlin-Tempelhof EDDH Hamburg Airport 00:40:00 N/A
8 EDDH Hamburg Airport EDDI Berlin-Tempelhof 00:40:00 N/A
9 EDDI Berlin-Tempelhof EDDK Cologne Bonn Airport 00:55:00 N/A
10 EDDK Cologne Bonn Airport EDDI Berlin-Tempelhof 00:55:00 N/A
11 EDDI Berlin-Tempelhof EDDM Munich Intl. 01:10:00 N/A
12 EDDM Munich Intl. EDDN Nurnberg Airport 00:35:00 N/A
13 EDDN Nurnberg Airport EDDI Berlin-Tempelhof 01:00:00 N/A

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Pilot Current Position On Tour since Aircraft
PAH1024 Juergen Vollmer EDDV Hannover Airport 28.01.2018 B727-221
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