The Pan Am Shuttle (1986-1991)

In October of 1986 Pan Am launched the Pan Am Shuttle to compete with the Eastern Airlines Shuttle, the originator of “no reservation needed” shuttle service between Boston - New York - Washington DC.  The

opportunity to acquire slots at New York, LaGuardia Airport came about when Frank Lorenzo acquired both Eastern Airlines and New York Airways both of whom operated competing services in the shuttle market. In order for the Lorenzo acquisition to gain government approval the combined airline had to divest one of the two shuttles.

Similar to the Eastern Shuttle Pan Am had standby aircraft available for sold out flights.  These additional flights were known as “extra sections and predominantly operated at peak travel times (early morning / evening and holiday weekends).  Strict noise abatement requirements at Boston, Logan Airport necessitated the use of “Stage 3” Airbus A-300B4 aircraft for the first several months until 727-200s with hush kitted engines were acquired for the service.  The 727-200 fleet was configured with 163 economy class seats in a 6 abreast configuration.


Pan Am Shuttle operates from Marine Air Terminal at LGA.



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