Flight Deck Vacancies

Captains and First Officers

Minimum Requirements:

    1) Safe handling/operation of aircraft.
    2) Basic meteorology (know how to
    read/interpret an ATIS report and
    other wx info).
    3) Fluent with ATC/FAA abbreviations,
    phraseology and terms.
    4) Familiar with aircraft, airspeed &
    altitude restrictions.
    5) IFR rated (know how to navigate using
    6) Minimum 18 years old

    All applicants will start as Cadet. Pan Am Virtual can accept maximum 500 transfer hours from other Virtual Airlines. A Proof of flight hours is required.
    If you are a vTWA Pilot, we will grant your current flight hours from vTWA

If you meet our requirements please click the button below to send your application.

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Management Vacancies

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